May 28, 2011

Sup all, nothing really to add except some minor stuffs. I'm not so good at updating this site, so I would suggest going to my DEVIANTART page or my BLOG. Moreso my devaint page.

At devaintart now,

June 3, 2010

Howdy once again, the site has been moved back to my good ole' reliable respark family as I couldn't pay for my hosting subscriptions elsewhere. new stuff will be uploaded as soon as I finish them.

Holla one time,

April 15, 2010

Hello, seems I'm going back to my old trends of not updating. Not to fear I'm still drawing, just not uploading and I apoligize. I have a blog up KNOMERIOT BlOG. That will house my other updates and less important sketches. Follow that cause I plan to have wrestling moves on it. 3 new things uploaded, 1 sketch 2 finished.


September 15, 2009

This site was uploaded today, took me a while because I have never really made a website and I'm pretty sure something will break on the site. This site is to showcase my sparse work, I mostly sketch and on occasion finish something and on rare occasions I will draw comics.

The "RECENT" section will show new art and will rotate as new art is uploaded. You may notice I took to drawing a certain character under the "SKETCHES" header. I haven't named him and have yet to create a story for him. So thats the opening news for my new site, look around and enjoy ;-).


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NAME: Steve Osorto |KNOME|


AGE: 24

INTERESTS: Movies|Comics|Pro-Wrestling|

BIO: The story begins when I first picked up a pencil, crayon, I don't recall but I'm pretty sure my passion began at that instant. From then on kept drawing and nothing great happened for like 15 years. Then something happened, I was introduced to "THE INTERNET!!!" a never ending resource of art, comics and anything you ever wanted to know with online communities with people who all have the same passion for art, comics that I have. Becoming a hermit for the greater part of my highschool life I stayed home and drew and learn and drew some more.This site is a window into my mind of art, design and comics.

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